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We get it - you've got places to be. You've got style, class, a schedule, and absolutely NO TIME TO CHANGE in between it all. That narrow window between work and happy hour is only big enough for an in-car mascara and lipstick touch-up. The weekend is just as packed: brunch with the girls in the afternoon and date night with the Mr. just a few hours later. 


At SHIFT StyleHouse, you'll find versatile fashion pieces that take you from brunch to date-night, midday shopping to kids' birthday parties, and this quarter's weekend fundraiser ( the one you should have never signed up for in the first place!) to girls' night. By the way, you're hosting this time.
It's the life of a modern date renaissance woman and trust us - we're living it too. Make the shift to versatile fashion pieces that keep up with you and all of your appearances. 
Go on...make the day look easy, effortless, and most importantly- stylish.