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Todays Fashion Icons: #BlackGirlMagic Edition

Posted on June 04 2018

The fashion industry is known for having "it girls" when it comes to celebrities and fashion these women create the trends, and we follow they take the risks that no one thinks they can, and can make just about anything look good.


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Zendaya is a fashion icon in the making; she is a triple threat she can act, sing, dance, and model. When it comes to fashion Zendaya owns the red carpet, we never know what to expect from her she can give you so many versatile looks from a pink tailed suit, or a floor-length gown, or just a basic crop top and jeans. Zendaya style choices are very mature, but it works for her she is very self-aware at a young age so, her clothing represents who she is as a young woman.


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Solange, she lives for unconventional fashion. Her style is very artistic, most of her style comes from the 1970's era which is daring and free-spirited. Most of us have always been aware of her fashion sense, but it wasn't until the release of her visual masterpiece a seat at the table is when the masses took notice of her. She is an inspiration because she represents authenticity, and she lives in her truth.

Yara Shahidi


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Yara Shahidi is not only the star of grown-ish she is also a teen- activist, and a style maven. Yara is someone who just looks good in anything! Yara personal style is ever changing her red carpet looks are very sophisticated, but fun and edgy. She experiments with a lot of bold printed dresses, and menswear-inspired blazers. She continues to wow us with all the #Blackgirlmagic to Hollywood, and the Fashion industry she shows us that elegance has no age.


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Now how could we talk about anything fashion related and not mentions the originator Rihanna is style is unmatched she is the black Marilyn Monroe, Rihanna is not someone who plays by the rules when it comes to fashion, she is the ultimate risk taker. Her style is one that no one can initiate she also can make anything over-sized look BOMB! Rih kills every red carpet she walks on but is the queen of street-wear she does some of her boldest looks when she steps out. From sheer dresses with nothing underneath to wearing a heart-shaped mink coat, and we can't forget her chic tomboy style, Rihanna has taught us all a valuable lesson always to be authentic and live life like no one is watching.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” -Rachel Zoe-




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