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Modest Looks For the Modern Woman

Posted on August 12 2018

Today's trends can sometimes be a little inconsiderate to the women who like to leave a little to the imagination. Living in a society that sometimes requires us to bare it all in order to be fashionable can be hard. For some women being trendy could mean checking your dignity at the door. Being exposed it all isn't in everyone's taste, so what about the ladies that still believe and keeping it modest when it comes to their personal style? Don't worry ladies. This post is just for you! Modesty does not have to mean that you dress homely or boring! You can still be just as fashionable as everyone else.  When attending places like, church, work, or even certain events being appropriate may mean covering it up a little but finding clothes that keep these style preferences in mind can be a challenge. Here at shift, we have the perfect pieces that keep you stylish and keep your secrets a secret. When you are walking into your purpose with confidence and self-respect you can never go wrong! Plus, these outfits are still just as versatile as any of the others. Keep reading below and let us show you what modest means for the modern renaissance woman of SHIFT StyleHouse.


Pleated Please

This high neck floral printed dress is the perfect way to show them that modest does not mean boring. This one size only dress can be worn four ways and fits up to size 1X.  The pleated details are trendy and give the dress a unique flair to it. The Pleated Please Dress is the perfect dress for church or a work networking event. Pair this dress with our Gold Drop Earrings and our Mauve Stella Heels for the ideal modest outfit. Nothing about this look says boring! You’ll still be sure to turn heads all day long!


Palm Springs Maxi

The palm springs maxi dress is the definition of a fun summertime look! This floral dress with a large green leaf printed and pink background is cute and comfortable. The wrap waist detail is flattering on many body types. The dress does have a v-neck cut but adding a camisole underneath can hide any little bit of cleavage you may have. Try pairing this dress with our Ivory fringe earrings for a look that offers movement from head to toe. This dress will be your favorite summer statement piece. 


Angel Of Mine

No one wants to be fully clothed on hot days! That can make being modest so hard but SHIFT has the perfect solution for you. The angel of mine dress will keep you cool and covered at the same time! This lightweight sheer dress with a slip underneath is the perfect modest option for picnics, beach days and so much more. The loose fit of the dress will allow you to still feel some of the breeze without showing too much skin. If you want to dress it up a bit, this dress goes perfectly with our Sasha heel. You can keep it simple with our nude color add a little pop with the orange Sasha heel, either way; this will be a look for the books!


Delicate Situation

This is not your regular button up! Our Delicate Situation top is the stylish sister of the basic white button up. Far from homely and even farther for boring this super cute top features a sheer mesh detail on the sleeves and top of the back. It also features super cute ruffle details on the sleeves as well. This top can be paired with jeans or with a pair of slacks for work or church.  No matter which way you decide to rock this top you'll be sure to make a delicate situation into a slayed situation without giving them too much!

Being a Modern Day Renaissance Woman means having confidence, dignity, and class. Sometimes fashion trends can blast insecurities rather than protect them, and these trends are the ones that aren't always for everybody, and that's okay! Here at SHIFT, we want to have something for every style preference and every occasion. Finding a place that caters to modesty and understands how important it can be at times is hard, but we haven't forgotten about you! Just because the world doesn't see it all doesn't mean you are plain, boring, or basic! You can be just as fun and stylish as the rest! Let us help you break that mold!

-” A girl should be two things, Classy and Fabulous!” - Coco Chanel


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