Make Your Wardrobe Bloom!


Well, well, looks like we have a visitor. Spring is here and saying hello to us! It’s pretty clear that spring is on its way, and before we know it the temperatures will be rising, and we’ll be enjoying cute frocks and sleeveless sundresses. With Daylight Savings Time showing up nearly 3 weeks ago, we are finally adjusting to the time change and enjoying the extra hours of sunshine. But, until  summer decides to show up to the party, we will have to deal with the fun, middle child, spring. Now, we all love springtime. The weather’s not too cold, and it’s not too hot either. We can mix and match our favorite winter pieces (minus the heavy coat) and unpack some of our summer pieces we truly missed.

Here are a few tips for blending your favorite winter fashion pieces with your fun spring statements.


Lay the Layers On!

This is the best time of the year to layer your favorite pieces. Use a foundational piece from your spring wardrobe like the Mix It Up Dress and layer a cardigan or jean jacket over the top to ensure you are warm during the morning chill, and cool during the afternoon sun.


Add a Mini to Your Menu!

If you have a favorite mini skirt, it’s a great time to wear your mini with your favorite spring tee, and cute mules. This transition gives you the fashion and functionality at the same time.


Add cute sandals to your OOTD!

It gets cooler again once the sun goes down, so slipping on your favorite stacked heels with the toes peeking out is a great way to mix your winter and spring styles together. Add your favorite 4 inch open-toe heels to the Flo-Jo Jogger Set, and you’re ready for a Friday night out!


I think that’s all I have for now. Unpack a few of your favorite spring wardrobe pieces and start mixing it up until summer comes to hang out with us, and we can make the most of our maxi dresses.













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