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For The Love Of Jumpsuits

Posted on July 18 2018

Jumpsuits are a fashion staple that has managed to stay around through the years. Women love the comfort and versatility that these pieces offer. Here at SHIFT we’re all about versatility, so you know we love a good jumpsuit! We are going to give you a few tips on how to style some of our favorite jumpsuits from the store, but first, we have to have a little fashion history lesson!  


 Source: Pinterest

Fashion is an ever-changing world and is continuously moving in a cycle! Like most trends, the Jumpsuit has been apart of that cycle for many years. Dating back to 1919, the jumpsuit has been making women feel like total fashionistas since Coco Chanel introduced the fashion world to the now iconic piece. Jumpsuits or the “Lounging Pajama” were adopted from aviators, women's sports, and race car drivers. The ease and comfortability became a big deal to the women of that time who were tired of wear dresses and skirts. Outings like yachting and other leisure pursuits become much more comfortable. These Jumpsuits gave women of that age a feeling of power, and when women in Hollywood began to wear them, they got even more popular. The Hollywood stars added a little bit of edge to the look and made women want them even more and when the times changed so did the jumpsuits.  From elegant palazzo pants legs to overalls in the 40’s, they keep adding more time to their stay in the fashion world. SHIFT StyleHouse is keeping this stylish legacy alive! Keep on reading to find out how to style our favorite Jumpsuits.

Emerald City Jumpsuit

Our Emerald City Jumpsuit is the perfect outfit for a warm summer day. This super comfy and unique Jumpsuit will have people asking “where did you get that?” all day long. Whether it's a downtown shopping trip or a casual lunch date, you’ll be ready for the occasion. With a trendy off the shoulder neckline and side pockets, this will become your go-to piece when you feel like being effortlessly chic. Dress it up a little with our Black Fringe Earrings!

Fall In Line Jumpsuit

You are sure to fall in love with our Fall In Line Jumpsuit. This jumpsuit is perfect  for a beach date or an outdoor festival. This look also can be paired with a denim jacket on a chilly day. The flowing wide leg pants offer great movement, and the color is flattering for many skin tones. Dress it up for a night with our Ivory Fringe Earrings and your favorite heels!


In The Mix Jumpsuit

The In The Mix Jumpsuit is a super stylish way to spice up your office attire. This jumpsuit looks excellent when paired with a blazer and heels. Shift this look from office to drinks by merely removing the blazer or throwing on your favorite denim jacket. If your bored with blouses and slacks then this jumpsuit will be your best friend. Show them you mean business with a little bit of edge!


Oreo Jumpsuit

Our Oreo Jumpsuit makes your night on the town styling easy! This black and white color-blocked jumpsuit with a wrap waist detail screams classy yet fun. This jumpsuit can also double as a look for the office with a colorful blazer. The silver chain details in the Sasha Heel is a great addition to this already super chic look. 


Jumpsuits are nothing new, yet they keep evolving and changing into new and improved style statements. These pieces shift through time much like the renaissance women who have worn them in the past and present. Make our jumpsuits one of your go-to looks this summer.




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