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The Best Handbags For Your Look

Posted on August 22 2018

Bags and Purses are the most critical accessories in our closet we carry our lives in them. And no matter how many bags I already have, I always need more. It's no secret that the right handbag adds an extra flair to your look. However, the thought of shopping for a new bag can be overwhelming between styles and price, but I am here to help. Below we have the best handbags that are perfect for any occasion.


Versatile Workbag

Source: Pinterest 

This is the essential working woman handbag. A medium to large top handle that can hold almost everything like your paperwork, books, or tablets. It's also has a pouch for makeup touch-ups. Try neutral colors, so that soughs and stains won't be noticeable. These bags are perfect for women who love looking great at work and enjoy some cocktails after work. The bag is versatile it can go from a handbag, to shoulder purse and a book bag. So you've have options for any occasion after work.


The Woven Bag

Source: WWD

The woven bag is back for yet another summer of beating out every other handbag style. The fashion girls everywhere have embraced the woven bag trend by adding them to their wardrobe. This summer whimsical summer accessory can be worn with virtually any outfit, if you want to go matchy-matchy, style this particular handbag with a polka dot sundress.


The Belt Bag

Source: Elle

The Belt bag or fanny pack is not anything new as we all know fashion repeats itself. The divisive accessory was also once known as an accessory trend for tourists. Gucci also has jumped on the belt bag trend with their smart leather trims as well as the classic double G style. While they're one of the most popular trends today, finding the right one has the power to make your outfit infinitely sexier In an instant.


Embellished Strap Bag

Source: Pinterest 

So far this is my favorite bag trend of 2018 ever since Fendi came out with interchangeable bag straps, other designers have followed suit. Rebecca Minkoff puts her spin on the trend with this floral  piece.You can go from daytime casual to nighttime fancy by removing the strap for a top handle–only look. This is the perfect light weighted bag for someone who doesn't enjoy carrying the heavy tuck bags, or if you need something simple for your outfit of the day. The strap bags can take a simple look and make it chic. All four handbags are perfect for women who are making a shift through out the day.





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