4 Ways To Wear A Bodysuit

Posted on July 05 2018

Say goodbye to camisoles and tanks! These pieces are becoming a trend of the past as we shift into something new. Bodysuits are quickly moving from a hot trend to a staple wardrobe piece. Summer is the perfect season to join the Bodysuit bandwagon! This versatile wardrobe staple can be worn in more ways than one and here at Shift StyleHouse, that's what we’re all about. Let us give you a few tips on how to rock a bodysuit all summer long!


Casual, Sexy, Cool


Nothing says sexy and straightforward more than a bodysuit and jeans. This look is an easy one create and is fitting for many different occasions. One of the most sought-after looks for the summer is the lace bodysuit and ripped jeans look. Together these pieces create a sexiness that is still simple and comfortable, that combination makes the perfect summer outfit. Rather its brunch with the girls or a laid-back lunch with bae this outfit will grab all the attention you need. Shift StyleHouse has all the elements you need to make this outfit yours! Take a look at our Lace Necessities Bodysuit and our Slash Away Jeans. These are the perfect pieces to recreate this stylish moment!


Perfect Little Peek

Need a little bit more spice than your camisole can provide? Then a bodysuit is your best bet to add that little bit of spice to your ensemble. Wearing a basic Camisole or Tank under a jacket or blazer is getting to be a bit dull and its time to try something new. Try adding a bodysuit instead! The form-fitting cut of the bodysuit will create a sleek and more put together look than a tank could any day! Our Not So Basic Bodysuit is the perfect piece to replace the tank and provide a sexy little peek underneath your jacket or blazer.

A Statement Piece's Bestfriend

A bodysuit can be an accessory to your favorite statement pieces. Finding a perfect match that pairs seamlessly with a statement piece without overpowering it can be a challenge, but a Bodysuit can be the best match. Outfits should be cohesive, and every part of your look should have its room without overpowering the others. Our Lace necessities Bodysuit is simple enough to let the statement piece speak without taking its place. If you need a pair of pants that will take the lead in your look, our Sunnyside Up Pants or our Green Leaf pants are sure to do the job.

...Or Let It Take the Lead

All bodysuits don't have to be simple, its okay for a bodysuit to be the focal piece in your look as well.  Bodysuits have become the new wave, they’ve already replaced tanks and camisoles so why can’t they become the new and improved blouse? Tucking a blouse into your pants can become a hassle when it doesn't want to stay tucked in, or you can see the blouse stuffed into your pants. Our Printed Mint bodysuit is the stylish mix between bodysuit and blouse! It easily tucks in and lays just as pretty as a blouse. Pair this bodysuit with our Ivory Coast Pants to create an effortlessly flawless look. 

In fashion, there are fads and classics. Some things go away, and others turn into a classic and bodysuits don't seem to be going anywhere any time soon. Shift StyleHouse has all the bodysuits you need to make this style shift! Nothing is wrong with following the wave, especially when it means new clothes!  

“Fashion is what designers offer you four times a year. And style is what you choose.” — Lauren Hutton


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