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10 Chic Professional Work Outfit Ideas for Fall

professional work outfit ideas

10 Chic Professional Work Outfit Ideas for Fall

Do you constantly find yourself looking on Pinterest to find professional work outfit ideas but always come across the traditional blouse and bottom or dress? We’re so excited to help you expand your work outfits this fall with a chic professional touch. 


Whether you work in corporate America or run your own business, you’ll find your work outfit inspiration in these 10 professional work outfits for Fall blog post. Check out are other Fall Fashion Blog Posts to learn how to style certain clothing or find style guides to help build your wardrobe.


Make sure you’re following our Work Outfit Ideas Pinterest board because we’re constantly giving you ideas on how to spruce up your work attire. Then, head over to our New Fall 2021 Arrivals because we have the PERFECT styles to complete your professional work attire.


1. Skirt Sets


Skirt sets, especially bold printed ones, are a work outfit staple and they are so easy to dress up for fall! With a skirt set, you still get the professional look with a button down, collard, top but, you also get to add fun with a stylish skirt. For fall, you can pair a short skirt with high knee boots. If it’s a little chilly, you can even throw over a cute long blazer that goes down to the knee. 


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skirt set for work


2. Satin Pant Sets

satin pant sets for work

Nothing says professionally chic like satin! Pant sets are a must in your work outfit attire this fall but if you want to add chicness to this classic work style, opt to change up the fabric with satin. Pant sets are so effortless to put together because you already have your bottom and top! Now, pant sets are also versatile so you can make so many outfits by mixing and matching the top and bottom with other pieces in your closet.


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3. Jogger Pants

jogger pant work outfit


Joggers as a professional work style? Yup! There’s so many ways you can dress up your favorite pair of trousers for work this fall season. Try pairing them with a cute heel boot or close toed heels. Tuck in a collared top and throw over a fitted sweater to complete your look. You can also pair with a mock neck bodysuit and layer with a patterned blazer!

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satin taupe joggers


4. High Waist Wide Leg Pants

chic professional work outfits


Wide leg pants instantly give off a casual and professional look so it makes it even easier to pair with a top to complete your whole outfit. You can be as bold as you want with the width of the leg but, to turn this into a fall look, you can pair them with a thin ribbed sweater and some low ankle boots.


If you’re allowed to wear hats at work, a cute flat top hat would elevate this look! If you want to add structure to a wide leg pant look, you can add a long sleeve top with a detailed neckline and add ballet flats for your shoe choice.


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5. Straight Leg Pants

straight let pants work outfit


When you think of professional work outfits, we can all agree straight leg pants come to mind. It’s a classic piece that should be in your work wardrobe in any neutral colors. For Fall, you can pair straight leg pants with a fitted blazer and mock neck bodysuit and some heels.


For a Friday casual work outfit look, you can dress down these pants by tucking in a cute graphic tee and throwing over a heavy knitted and oversized cardigan with some flats or combat boots (for an edgier look) 


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brown pant set for work


6. Chiffon Blouse

chiffon top for work


The Chiffon blouse is also a staple professional work outfit piece you need in your business wardrobe. Depending on the style of your blouse, there are so many options to dress up your work look. Opt in for a chiffon blouse with ruffled sleeves for fall or maybe a sheer chiffon blouse with a top underneath. The possibilities are endless. 


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red chiffon top for work


7. Mock Neck Top

mock neck top for work


Sometimes it’s hard to find professional work outfit ideas that don’t include a collared blouse. There’s an option that looks just as good as a blouse which is the mock neck top. Mock neck tops still give off a professional look but adds the stylish aspect.


For fall, try to look for warmer or darker colors to pair with wide or straight leg pants. To stand out at work, try to opt for a mock neck top that doesn’t look like just a low turtleneck but opt for pieces that add a different take on the mock neck look like one with a criss cross neck design. 

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green mock neck twist top


8. Long Sleeve Blazer Dress

chic professional work outfits


Who says blazers can only be a top? Blazer dresses are a chic twist on the normal blazer pant suit look. Depending on where you work, you may have to be careful on the length of these dresses since most of them tend to be on the shorter side but don’t let that steer you away for wearing this style!


For fall, you can either opt for long length blazers with long sleeves and wear it as a belt with a tied waist. Or, find a long sleeve blazer mini dress and pair it with high waist heels to show a little less skin!


9. Dark Wash Jeans

casual work outfits with jeans


Depending on where you work, you may have days of the week where you can dress more casual for work so we wanted to add in some casual work outfit ideas for Fall too! Dark wash jeans are the way to go when dressing casually in a professional environment. For a casual day, add a light weight, long sleeve and loose fitting blazer jacket with a tucked in graphic tee and  some white sneakers. 


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10. Accessories for Work

We wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t add any accessories to this list! There's so many endless possibilities when it comes to dressing up your professional work outfits with accessories.


If you carry a lot of items for work, opt for a dark colored briefcase handbag, or tote, and a bold and printed color scarf to tie around the handle. If you don’t need to bring too many items to work, opt for a cross body bag as your hand bag. These look so cute over an open blazer outfit and you can opt for fall colors to celebrate the season. 


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What’s that staple work outfit piece you have in your wardrobe?

Did you get any professional work outfit ideas for fall in this post? We’d love to know item you have to have in your work attire or you’ll feel incomplete. Let us know in the comment section below. You can even let us know what your favorite look was in this post.  Don’t forget to shop similar looks of our professional work outfits  in our New Arrivals Fall collection!

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