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A Summer in Europe | Summer Fashion Essentials

summer fashion essentials for Europe

Summer Fashion Essentials for Your European Vacation

With less travel restrictions, many are flocking to Europe this summer to have a vacation of a lifetime. When it comes to European fashion and summer essentials, we've got you covered...literally. Summer essentials should be versatile and filled with the basics so that you can easily mix and match for less luggage space. It's about nailing the basics, then add trending pieces for a complete modern and chic look.

After all, the best part of a European summer vacation isn’t really about the clothes, right? It’s the glamourous lunches and dinners, country side road trips, luxury train travel across countries, outdoor concerts, strolling around the historic museums, castle hunting and so much more—but it sure doesn’t hurt to look chic while experiencing it all! 

Depending on which countries you’re visiting (as Europe is huge and diverse), you’ll run into a variety of temperatures during the early mornings into the late nights. So, we'll make sure to cover the best summer fashion essentials to cater to all the types of weather you may encounter. 


Whimsical in White | The White Blouse

summer fashion essentials Europe vacation

Nothing says summer like a cute white, light weight, blouse. With the temperatures reaching above 90 degrees Fahrenheit in some European countries, wearing white can instantly keep you cool. However, Europeans are known to dress modern even when going out to get a cappuccino or a quick coffee run. Instead of packing basic white tees, pack some cute and simple white blouses. Plus, you can mix and match these blouses with any bottoms you plan to bring. Mix up the sleeve lengths to accommodate for different weather.

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All in One | Jumpsuits

summer fashion essentials Europe vacation

When you're packing for a summer European vacation, or any vacation, the last thing you want to deal with is overweight luggage because you packed too many clothes. The best way to cheat the system is to pack outfits that are all in one, like jumpsuits or rompers! This summer, grab the flowy and wide leg jumpsuits over the structured and fitting ones so your body has room to breathe in take in the European summer breeze.


Poppin' in Poplin | Poplin Dresses

summer fashion essentials Europe vacation

Nothing says "let's go castle hunting in Europe" like a cute bohemian style poplin dress! Can you see yourself now, taking beautiful pictures in front of Europe's oldest castles while swirling around in a long poplin dress? Maybe it has puff sleeves, sheer lace details, tiering details or a cute square neckline. Regardless of what style of poplin dress you aim for, you won't regret feeling like a princess in a fairytale in Europe while visiting castles.

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Tucked & Tailored | Tailored Shorts

Not that we hate denim shorts, because we don't, but in Europe, you'll notice the go-to shorts look is more tailored over denim. Why? Mainly because you can dress tailored shorts up to look chic and modern which are what the foundations of European fashion stands on. You can have fun by pairing light weight tailored shorts with any of the cute blouses you pack. Or, go for the tucked and tailored style by adding a body suit and a light weight blazer. They're so versatile and will be worth it on hot days and for the days you don't feel like dressing up but look dressed up anyways!


Summer n' Slides | Slide Sandals

It's clear to assume you'll be packing sneakers for your European summer vacation but, don't' forget your slide sandals! Slide sandals are easy to pack because they don't take up too much room and you usually don't have to worry about getting them dirty versus the material the sneakers are made out of. Opt for neutral colors that matches all of your outfits like white, nude, beige, tan or, you can even do black. Sometimes, you're not going to want to wear sneakers or be uncomfortable waling around in heels which is why comfy slides are a must have. The new style this season are the puff slide sandals so if you can grab a cute neutral shade of those, do it! 

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Blooming in Blazers | 3/4 Ruched Blazers

Blazers can take any basic outfit to a chic and modern look which, once again, is a standard foundation for European summer fashion. Perfect for those extra breezy days where you need to cover up but don't want to wear a hoodie that will dress down your outfit. Have fun with your blazer styles and colors. Make sure they are light weight blazers so you're not trapping in extra heat.

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Twist & Shout | Tank Tops with Tie backs

Tank tops are definitely a basic summer essential you want to pack for any trip however, heading to Europe,  you want to take your tank tops to the next level. Instead of only packing basic tank tops, whether their cropped tanks or camis, opt to also pack tank tops with cute back ties, cutouts, square necklines, and neutral or bold colors! Pair these with your tailored shorts or under a jumpsuit overall to mix and match your looks with just one tank!

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A Fairytale Ending | White Dresses

What's a European summer without castle hunting in a flowy white dress? Or, that's at least a bucket list for us. White dresses will be everywhere this season and it's a summer fashion essential you want to make sure you have in your suitcase. Play around with different hem lengths, sleeve lengths and fabrics. Make sure to pick something lightweight. If you're aiming for a short white flowy dress, make sure it's wind approved! The summer breezes in Europe may have you holding down on your dress while walking which is annoying!


Accessories | Sunglasses, Purses, Jewelry

When you think of summer fashion essentials and a European vacation, what comes to mind? Well, if you guessed large totes, chic sunglasses, structured purses and straw hats, you're correct! Here's some of our favorite accessories for summer!

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What's in your suitcase for your summer vacation?

We’d love to know where you're headed this summer for a quick getaway. Let us know what you're definitely packing from our summer fashion essentials list! Is there a style we didn’t mention that you can’t live without this spring? Comment down below! Follow us on Instagram @shiftstylehouse to see how we style our upcoming summer collection. Don’t forget to also shop our New Arrivals to start building your summer vacation wardrobe today!

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