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Sunday Brunch at The StyleHouse | Brunch Outfit Ideas

brunch outfit ideas for spring and summer

Brunch Outfit Ideas for Spring and Summer


There's nothing like gathering with your closest girlfriends for a Sunday Brunch this spring and summer! It's a time where you're probably seeing your friends the first time in a week because you all live busy, go-getter lifestyles. Besides the bottomless mimosas and the food, your outfit is the next most exciting part of a Sunday brunch with the girls.

Brunch outfits tend to be casual, comfortable and chic with some personal flair for a stylish aesthetic. During the cooler months of spring, your Sunday brunch attire may consist of staple pieces such as jeans paired with light jackets and fashionable tops or ribbed knit long sleeve midi dresses. As the weather warms up in late spring to summer, your Sunday brunch outfit can easily transform to light maxi or mini dresses or loosely structured pieces like jumpsuits or rompers!

Ready for a must needed mimosa and Sunday brunch with your girls but need some outfit inspirations (because we know pictures will be taken)? No worries! Here at the StyleHouse, we’ve compiled a list of the best brunch outfits for spring or summer to add to your wardrobe right now! Whether you’re dressing up or down, chic or casual, we’ll show you what to wear for a modern and classy look that will impress your girlfriends!

Modern and Midi | The Midi Dress

midi dress brunch ideas

A midi dress is when the hem finishes at a point between the knee and the ankle, on your calf. For cooler spring days, you can show up to Sunday brunch in a bright, knit ribbed midi dress! Your accessories are where you want to play on style here. You can add fun sunglasses, strappy heels, anklets, fun hats, a statement bag and more! Check out some of our favorite knit ribbed midi dress looks above!

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One and Done | Jumpsuit Outfit Ideas

jumpsuit brunch ideas for spring and summer

Sometimes, we're invited to a Sunday brunch at last minute and we don't have time to put a whole outfit together that involves multiple pieces. That's why we love jumpsuits! They're comfy, can be dressed up or down and simplifies the outfit process because it's usually a one piece (or comes as a set) ! Problem solved! Plus, you can never go wrong with a jumpsuit that has pockets! Dress up jumpsuits with some strappy heels or barely there sandals this spring and summer. Accessorize with a pair of colorful statement earrings or oversized sunglasses! Here are some of our favorite jumpsuit looks above. 


Rags to Rompers | Chic and Casual Rompers 

romper outfit ideas for brunch

Rompers, shorts or long length, feels like the staple Sunday brunch outfit because it's so versatile and effortless. If you're feeling like none of your planned brunch outfits are looking right on you in the moment, always have a romper in your spring and summer wardrobe as a backup plan. Grab a romper in floral prints or a solid color and dress it up with wedges. Play around with fabrics for a flowy romper or a structured and tailored style aesthetic. It's literally a complete outfit in one piece if you do it right! Here's some of our favorite romper looks for Sunday brunch above.

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Boho in Kimonos | Kimono Mini Dresses

kimono dress ideas for brunch

Sunday brunch is only done right when you have good spring or summer weather on your side so that you and your girlfriends can sit outside. With warmer weather and long periods of sitting, it's best to grab for something that's loose fit and flowy and we're in love with Kimono mini dresses. You can opt for a tie robe style kimono mini dress or one with dolman sleeves. For a boho look, accessorize with cute booties, a statement necklace and a dainty bag. Here's some of our favorite kimono mini dress styles for Sunday brunch above.

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Down n' Denim | Denim Jeans Outfit Ideas for Brunch

denim jeans outfit ideas for brunch

Not all Sunday brunch outfits revolve around dresses, rompers and jumpsuits! Sometimes, you may just want to reach for your favorite pair of denim skinny jeans! There's so many versatile ways to style denim jeans for Sunday brunch in the spring and summer months but you could never go wrong with bold colors. For chiller spring days, pair your denim jeans with a colorful duster cardigan over a satin spaghetti top. Or, dress up your denim jeans with some strappy heels and a smock top for a chic and modern look! Check out some of our favorite denim looks above.

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Accessories Addiction Anonymous | Earrings, Purses and Sunglasses

spring accessories for brunch in spring or summer

The best times to play around with accessories is for spring and summer! Why not start with a cute Sunday brunch outfit to bring these accessories out to play. We're loving things big, bold and colorful this spring and summer season. Accessorize your Sunday Brunch Accessories with oversized sunglasses, color purses and vibrant earrings that make a statement.


What outfit are you wearing to Sunday Brunch this Spring/Summer?

We’d love to know what your favorite Sunday brunch go-to style is for a spring or summer day out with your girlfriends. Is there a style we didn’t mention that you always go towards for brunch? Comment down below! Follow us on Instagram @shiftstylehouse to see how we style our upcoming spring and summer collections. Don’t forget to also shop our New Arrivals to start building your Sunday brunch wardrobe for this spring and summer today!

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